A Unique Program – Learning Ladder Nurseries JLT

program“The Program at Learning Ladder Nursery in JLT offers the best of the British EYFS curriculum and focuses on the principles of building curiosity, encouraging enquiry, developing reasoning skills, and showing respect and courtesy towards each other.”

A faculty of highly credentialed and motivated teachers delivers the nursery program that utilizes a variety of learning modalities to engage children’s imaginations and to help them find joy in life long learning.

A program based on self-direction, non-competitive and cooperative activities that help a child develop high levels of academic and social competence with a strong self image and the confidence to solve problems and face challenges with optimism.

Learning Ladder Nurseries in JLT, Dubai welcomes children from 4 months to 4 years of age and provides a comfortable and loving environment that facilitates intellectual inquiry and discovery, harmonious social interactions and meaningful in-depth projects.

Learning Ladder Nurseries JLT, place importance on a child mastering our core curricula objectives, however care is taken to ensure all children feel invited to learn through play and an activity is never forced but confidence is built over time so the child learns not to give up at the first hurdle. Ambition is fostered to come from within with abundant encouragement and access to high quality learning resources and teaching staff.