Health & Safety

healthThe health and safety of children is paramount at Learning Ladder Nursery. We take pride in maintaining a low child/supervisor ratio, in line with KHDA standards and with internationally recognized good practice.

Both branches in JLT are built on a single level, is stairs-free, has an early fire alert system, emergency exits, child safe doors, safe access to dedicated car park for parents.

A fully certified nurse, monthly visits by our DHA licensed doctor who is also on call in 5 minutes, ensure children get immediate attention when needed.

Children’s up to date immunization records are kept on file, we have an illness policy for children to stay at home when sick to avoid cross infection.

Our branches are well aware of the importance of personal hygiene and follow appropriate procedures when helping children in the toilet.

We welcome visits from parents at any time, in fact we welcome parents to get involved in their child’s development and learning by volunteering to accompany them on field trips and to help with other organized events for the children.

Learning Ladder follows a strict policy for an allergen free environment. We encourage healthy eating habits for the staff and children and parents are given a hand out for food that is not allowed in the nursery. We strive to be a nut free zone as this can pose a signification health hazard for children with nut allergies.