Nursery in JLT Cluster Q

Nursery in JLT cluster Q
Out door area Nursery in JLT cluster Q

Learning Ladder Nursery in Jumeirah Lakes towers, Cluster Q

Learning Ladder Nursery in JLT, opened in Cluster Q in 2015 after the very successful launch of our first branch in Cluster V just 2 years earlier in 2012. Our first branch was full with siblings waitlisted! We found another ideal location, right opposite another community play place and right next to the landmark JLT green Park right in the center of the community in Cluster Q.  We were lucky to find a larger premises and were able to introduce a much demanded baby room for children as young as 3 months old.  KHDA (knowledge and Human Development Authority of Dubai, that oversees all schools) gave us our second approval well in time for us to open another beautiful nursery to accommodate the growing number of families associated with our nurseries.

Safety and Security at the Nursery

As children’s safety and security is of utmost importance to everything we do at our nursery, our setting is on the ground floor with easy and ample access points to the safety assembly point in case of an emergency.  There are no elevators and no stairs in case we need to evacuate.  We have very convenient car parking available right next to the nursery for visitors and parents.  Our premises is connected 24/7 to Dubai’s Civil Defense early alarm system in case of a fire. We are fully compliant with the fire fighting requirements of the government.

We have a fully equipped and DHA (Dubai Health Authority) licensed clinic in our setting with a full time DHA licensed Nurse and a part time DHA licensed Doctor.  We have detailed health and safety policies and these are available for you to read in another section of our website.

Unique facilities at Learning Ladder Nursery in JLT Cluster Q

Outdoor space

Out Door activity area
Out Door activity area

Based on our ethos of learning through play in the early years, our setting is very rich in enabling environments not just indoors but also outdoors. At our branch in cluster Q, we have our own safe outdoor play places, shaded, fenced in and with padded floors, exclusively for the use of our nursery children. Smaller children have their own outdoor play place, so they are segregated from older children for safer play times.  We are lucky to be ideally located in JLT to enjoy the easiest access to all the best communal play places in JLT.  This is the most unique feature of our setting. We have easy access to the sandy play place, the large and open green park and the covered, structured play area. NO other nursery in JLT enjoys these advantages.

Our Curriculum – The Early Year’s Foundation Stage Curriculum from the UK says about outdoor play:

“Children must have opportunities to play indoors and outdoors. All early years providers must have access to an outdoor play area which can benefit the children.”

We see outside as a classroom in itself and will take the children out in all types of weather. Sun hats, water bottles and adequate adult supervision ensure a healthy outdoor experience daily. We see outdoor play as the most important aspect of our children’s development for the following reasons:
• Many children prefer playing outside and as a result they show greater levels of involvement and motivation when learning new skills and concepts across the whole curriculum.
• Young children learn by being physically active and the outside environment allows greater space and freedom to do this.
• Changing society prevents regular opportunities for children to play outdoors.
• There is a substantial increase in child obesity and asthma nationally. Outdoor play counters this.


Indoor Space



With natural light flooding every room, we have beautiful views of the large central green park on one side and the inviting community play place on the other. We strive to provide a welcoming, calm and caring environment in which all children feel happy and secure.  We believe young children under 5 years of age learn more in our secure setting and leave us as confident pupils to continue in schools and build on the sound foundation secured through the loving care providers in our cosy setting.

We believe children learn when they are actively engaged and when they are allowed to follow their interests. Our dedicated faculty works hard to create inviting classrooms regularly, centered on the varying themes and topics being learnt and taught.
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Baby room

Baby Room at nursery in cluster Q, JLT
Baby Room


At Learning Ladder Nursery in JLT Cluster Q, we have our only special baby room for infants as young as 3 months old. We have strict 1:3 child to adult ratio in this room. We have special cribs for all the babies and the highest standards of hygiene is maintained by staff in this shoe-free room.  Everything is sanitised daily and every sharp edge is bump-proofed.  The babies have their own dedicated changing table as well as food, water and diaper storage space. Detailed care diaries are maintained by our staff for communication with the parents.

Rest and Quiet time areas

We allow children plenty of rest and quiet times through our cosy corners around the nursery with access to a large children’s library of picture books and cuddly toys.  Children who stay full day have special sleeping arrangements for nap times.  We provide beds and bedding, a quiet room and a sleep attendant. We wash our bedding every week, but parents are welcome to send their own bedding.
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Our toilets are child sized and this helps children develop independence in self-care during toileting. Our nappy changing tables are sanitized after every use and soiled diapers disposed of in a diaper genie which comes with an odor lock system.

Indoor Play Area

We also have a very inviting indoor play area right in the center of the nursery full of rich in developmental and educational opportunities, stimulating and safe to promote fun and experimentation. We change the setting often to provide various learning and play opportunities. Our parent community also uses the space to create special displays on occasions and for all our gatherings such as concerts, special guest visits and ceremonies.




creative activity indoors at Learning Ladder Nursery in Jumeirah Lakes towers, Cluster Q
indoor Creative activity in one of our nurseries in JLT,Dubai