Math & Literacy


Literacy and numeracy are fundamental to all areas of learning. As babies and young children develop, being literate and numerate helps them to function effectively in everyday life and to contribute to society. The earliest years lay the important foundations for literacy and numeracy development, which can be built upon through lifelong learning.

At our nurseries in jlt, we focus on the development of language and literacy, through a highly structured program to:

  • develop oral expression
  • vocabulary expansion
  • comprehension
  • phonological awareness, letter recognition and formation
  • print awareness

Children with limited english proficiency will be given all the support as they acquire an additional language.

Our Staff  at the nurseries in JLT, supports the development of number sense through activities that involve:

  • comparing
  • one-to-one correspondence
  •  counting
  •  interpreting spatial relations
  • awareness of time starting and stopping
  •  time intervals
  • anticipating and describing sequences of events
  •  making use of the outdoor play area as it provides children with opportunities for experiences such as recognising environmental print and exploring textures, shape, and opposites