Fee Structure

Registration Fee AED 800 (One-time payment) Annual Medical Fee AED 500
(Paid at registration and again every year in September)
Refundable Deposit AED 500
(Refunded with 30 days’ written advance notice of child’s withdrawal and provided all dues are clear)
Tuition Fee to be paid in advance for full term


Payment terms and conditions

  • All fees due are to be settled in full before a child can start attending the nursery.
  • The one-time Registration fee is non-refundable, nontransferable and payable in full at the time of
  • Annual Medical fee is non-refundable, non-transferable and payable in full at the time of enrollment
    and payable again at the start of every academic year. It is not pro-rated for less than a complete
    year’s attendance by your child at any time.
  • The one-time Refundable deposit is payable in full at the time of enrolment. This deposit is refunded
    at the time the child leaves the nursery, provided all dues are cleared and provided you have given
    a written notice of at least 30 days prior to the child’s withdrawal from the nursery.
  • Tuition fee for the whole term is payable in advance at the start of each term, on dates specified by
    the nursery, in order to secure the child’s place in the nursery. Tuition fee once paid is non- refundable and non-transferable. No refunds or adjustments can be made for absences of any sort.
  • Change of child’s attendance can only be admitted if full current fee for new days and timings of attendance are cleared in advance for the remainder of the term.
  • In the event of non-payment of tuition fee by due date, the nursery, at its exclusive discretion reserves the right to either: a) levy a late payment penalty @ AED 100 per day of delay, or b) refuse child’s attendance at the nursery and withhold nursery reports and/or any deposits/partial payments made.
  • For children continuing at the nursery after June of any year, the nursery may ask for a retainer fee in June, which would be adjusted against the fee for the next term starting in September.
  • Children joining at any time during an ongoing term will have to pay the full Registration and Annual medical fee and the full amount of the Refundable deposit.
  • All fees are subject to change; however, the nursery will provide adequate prior notice of the same to parents.
  • Educational field trips and afternoon extracurricular activities may be organized from time to time and the nursery may charge additional fee to those who choose to attend these. Such Fees are payable separately and are not included in tuition or any other fee.
  • Vacation care during term breaks and/or summer holidays can be provided at an additional fee. The tuition fee paid is for the academic terms, the start and end dates for which are specified in the nursery calendar.
  • Care for additional days or hours, other than those specified at enrollment may be availed, subject to availability, and the nursery would charge for these separately. Advance notice is required for such care by the nursery.
  • The nursery holds the right to charge late fee in case you are late collecting your child on any day at the rate specified in the fee schedule.
  • The following documents are required to complete the admission process:
    1. One copy of the child’s current and valid passport with a U.A.E. residence visa.
    2. Copy of valid Emirates ID or passport of Parents.
    3. One copy of the child’s birth certificate (in English only).
    4. Photo Ids of Parents and any other authorized people who can collect your child from the nursery 5. Four colored, recent passport photographs of the child.
    6. One copy of the child’s latest vaccination record.