Age groups

At our nurseries in JLT, we welcome children as young as 4 months old until the age of 4 years for their final
class, FS1 (Foundation Stage 1) in preparation for mainstream primary schools.

The children are divided according to their age into the following groups:

Baby/Infant class (From 4 months to walking)

Learning Ladder Nurseries in jlt,provide a warm, caring and nurturing environment for your baby to thrive and grow. Our youngest age group comprises of babies that join us at 4 months and move into the toddler class once they have started walking and gained balance. The baby class provides the parents to provide their children with a safe, stimulating, and loving option only secondary to home. With high staff to child ratios, we aim to provide your baby with the best head start in life.

Toddler (1-2 years)

The Sunflowers or “Little Toddlers” comprise of children between the ages of 12 to 24 months. Our emphasis for this age group to provide a happy, cheerful environment and program that helps the children to learn through play and also to interact with other children and develop their social skills. There is a lot of one-on-one interaction between the teacher and child to build a relationship of love, care, and trust as we aim to provide the same level of care and love that you would give your child at home. At our nurseries in jlt, the Sunflowers rooms are specially equipped with toys and tools designed for this age. This includes educational toys, puzzles, books, stacking bricks, etc., to encourage children to explore colours, shapes and textures, and to develop their gross and fine motor skills. All children have access to our own exclusive play area to help build their confidence and achieve their developmental milestones.

Pre-Foundation (2-3 years)

The Pre-Foundation class at the nursery comprise of children between the ages of 2 to 3 years. The classroom has large, colourful spaces equipped with fun and educational toys, puzzles and books. Children of the nurseries, at this age are beginning to get more confident and independent and we encourage them to achieve their developmental milestones through a variety of structured activities and free play. We use the outdoor play area of our nurseries for the toddlers once a day to give them opportunity to develop their gross and fine motor skills. Children in this age group get familiar with the shapes, colors, and numbers through a variety different learning media.

Foundation Stage 1 (3-4 years)

In comparison to our younger classes, the Foundation Stage 1 Class for children between the ages of 3 to 4 years old the emphasis still remains on learning through play but we use a more structured approach by combining activities and worksheets designed to help each child reach the Developmental Stages appropriate for their age (as laid down in the EYFS curriculum). Our nurseries in JLT,  are well equipped with educational games and puzzles and use a variety of media for our activities, including outdoor activities. The activities at the are tailored to the individual abilities of each child and are designed to challenge them and increase, in a structured way, their skills and understanding. We combine the three different types of learning (Auditory, Visual, Kinesthetic) in our teaching to ensure each child has the best opportunity to learn all they will need to move onto the next stage of their schooling.