Important Dates Term 3

Dear Parents,

A very warm welcome to Term 3 to all the children, parents and staff! The first week of the new term has passed and the children are settling well into the nursery routine! Another exciting term has gone by and we are fast approaching the end of the year. We hope that everybody had a relaxing and wonderful Term break.

Please note the following special events that will take place at Learning Ladder Nursery during Term 3. Attached is also the overall plan that would be followed for the next few weeks:

  • Doctor’s Visit-early June: Just mention we had a visit from the doctor
  • Fairy Tale Dress Up Day-Thursday May 15, 2014: In keeping with the topic of “Once Upon a Time” in May 2014, we would like to invite the children and staff to dress up in a character from their favourite fairy tale or story. The children are also welcome to bring along a favourite book to show their friends. We look forward to an exciting day and will be taking plenty of pictures to post on our face book page.
  • Career Day (Date to be announced): Our topic for June will be “When I grow up” and we have arranged for guest speakers to give the children an understanding of how people have different careers and what sort of work they do. We look forward to an exciting event in which children will get a first hand insight into the different options that they can explore once they are older.
  • Graduation Day-Monday June 16, 2014:  Once again it is time to take the tissues out and say good bye to our graduating class The Bluebells. Most of the children have already secured places in the best schools of Dubai and we would like to host our annual graduation ceremony to mark the end of their wonderful stay at Learning Ladder Nursery. Parents will be invited to attend the ceremony and have a photo opportunity with the nursery photographers present. Timings will be confirmed closer to the date.

Kindly mark your diaries with these upcoming events and feel free to contact us for any queries or assistance.

Thank you for your constant support and co-operation. We at Learning Ladder Nursery strive to work together with the parents to ensure healthy and happy children. Looking forward to an exciting term!