Learning Ladder nursery News May 2021


I wish to thank you again for taking time to respond to our parent satisfaction survey of our nurseries in jlt,  last month. Parents’ responses and our commitment to make the possible improvements expected was shared with you in brief via email. Going forward, we will continue to share with you the improvements we plan to make next year related to area of communication of learning and development of children.

We at the learning ladder nursery jlt, are now planning our children’s’ groups for September. According to the change in age cut-off announced this year by KHDA, If your child turns 3 before 31st August 2021, they will be moving up to Foundation Stage in September. If you wish to re-enroll your children, please let us know as soon as possible by paying a deposit toward next term’s tuition. If you have already done so, then your seat is been reserved. We would naturally prefer to accommodate the children who  are already registered with us, never the less we will be releasing seats to new admissions by June 10, 2021 and hence we can’t guaranty a secured please for your child after this date.

Children who are joining primary school, we wish them the best in the future and we assure you that your child developed a selection of skills that will support this transition, such as independence, sharing, speaking and listening, making decisions, problem solving,  reading, writing and number skills.

Summer camp dates at our nurseries and daycare, are announced and posted outside the nursery door and on our website. As the nursery staff goes on summer leave, we have limited summer camp spots. We have already started bookings and we may soon close bookings. Please do plan ahead if you need summer camp for your child. A camp registration form was sent to you via email. Send us a filled camp form and we will add your name in our attendance sheet.
Please be reminded that although COVID restrictions are decreasing , close contact still continues to carry a risk of catching or spreading COVID-19. Therefore, we would please ask parents to adhere to keeping distance from each other, outside the nursery. I would also like to inform you that the entire staff at Learning Ladder Nurser JLT are now fully vaccinated.

Save the Date:
Thursday 10th June, Story Day.
Monday 21st June, Father’s Day.
Monday 28th June, Foundation Stage Graduation.
Wednesday 30th June, End of Term- Nursery closes at 1 pm.
Sunday 4th July, Summer Camp starts.
Sunday 4th September, New term starts, tentative
Miss Salam


Dolphins News
Goodbye April, Hello May!! Hello and a warm welcome to Dolphins parents. It has been our busiest month so far. We enjoyed three dress-up days – Construction Dress Up, Funny Socks and Super Heroes Day. These activities are a form of imaginative play and help to boost creative thinking within the child. It also helps the child practice their language and social skills as playing with other children in such a scenario requires teamwork, cooperation and sharing. The children enjoyed the associated activities as much as we enjoyed planning them.
The theme of the month was ‘People who Help us’. This is a very important theme for the young learners as it encourages interest in one’s community, promotes safety and hopefully, inspires interest in possible careers. The children have been inspired to be vets, builders and policemen. The story of the month was ‘The Three Billy Goats Gruff’. Activities related to the story were sequencing, retell and art and craft. Dolphins worked on their fine motor skills all through the month of May. They had fun with kneading, play doh, threading and cutting exercises. We continue to strengthen literacy skills through daily activities of reading new and previously learnt words. In Math, the children learnt to subtract single digit numbers.
The theme for the month of June is ‘Authors- Exploring Stories’. Thank you once again for your continuous support and encouragement.
Miss Vibha


Rainbow Fish A News
A very warm welcome to all parents of the Rainbowfish class.
We are now fast approaching the final stretch of our school year, but we still had several exciting and fun activities this month. Rainbowfish A children enjoyed construction dress-up day in the first week of May. Children showed great interest in being a builder. Many beautiful strictures were built with materials, ranging from blocks and bricks to recycled egg cartons.
Funny socks day and Character dress-up day were well enjoyed and entertaining for us all. Children enjoyed being a superhero and showed their specific interests in a particular character, expressing wonderfully why they chose that character. Some amazing adjectives were learnt through the process such as strong, kind, helpful, creative.
We also had our successful community helpers theme this month at our nurseries in JLT. IN line with the EYFS area of understanding the world, children gained an understanding of various community helpers and their tools. They were thrilled to create tools for each community helper using several resources, consolidating their knowledge of helper’s tools.
In literacy, Rainbowfish A children focused on blending three-letter words. They showed noticeable progress in reading the words. Further, they were encouraged to improve their writing skills through various activities. They read and learned about the story “The paper dolls”. They created their paper dolls as a part of their art and craft skills.
In math, children revised the numbers they learned so far and continued their number formation practice. They were encouraged to build on their counting skills through matching quantity activities. Rainbowfish A children are showing great attainment in reciting the numbers 1 to 20. Children also created the shape ‘pentagon’ using 5 sticks and counting the five sides of the shape and identifying it among a group of various shapes. Indoor free play strengthened children’s jumping, climbing, running skills.
In June, we will focus on the topic stories and authors.
Warm Regards,
Miss Rechel


Rainbow Fish B news 
Dear Parents,
May was filled with fun-filled learning experiences in Rainbow fish B. Construction Dress Up Day was our first event of the month, followed by the Funny Socks Day and we ended with Super Heroes/Character Day. Thank you dear parents, for your enthusiastic support of your children in dressing up for these occasions. Together we will do more.

Promoting emergent literacy in our children, Rainbowfish B had a variety of listening, speaking, writing and reading sessions. We learnt the letter sounds g, o and u. Children can now recognise and name the letters of their names and we are presently working on tracing our names. Our discussion sessions and story sessions (reading, picture reading through story flash cards, sequencing) have also proved beneficial in early literacy development in children.
In Mathematical development, children recapped numbers 1-7 through our story Handa’s Surprise, and we continued counting numbers in sequence 1-14 and I am happy that most of the children are counting numbers in order 1-10, they can recognise their shapes and give values to them.

In Understanding the World, we had fun learning about community helpers. Children actively and happily participated in all activities and they can tell you what job they aim for in the future. The various pretend play set ups helped to build confidence, language development and instilled social skills between children.
In physical development, our Zumba sessions and the number line displayed in class has enabled Rainbowfish to enhance their gross motor skills while counting and keeping rhythm to beat.

Next month’s topic will be stories and authors.
Warm Regards,
Miss Beatrice and Miss Noime.


Starfish News
Dear Parents,
We started the month of May with the theme ‘People Who Help Us’ and children learned about it through various activities all lay based. They have learned about different community helpers and how we need them. During circle time, we discussed what community helper role the children wanted to take when they grow up. Doctor/Nurse, a Firefighter and a Police Officer were some of the most popular choices. Many are now able to give reasons for their choice and I am pleased to see emerging reasoning skills.

Keeping with the theme, the month was filled with activities that blended play and learning. Through role play children learnt to negotiate, consider others’ perspectives, transfer knowledge from one situation to another, use symbols, assign tasks, develop a plan and act on it.

In Math and Physical Development, we have been having fun learning about how to trace numbers and letters. Children are beginning to show good control in holding a pencil and they are beginning to show their preference for a dominant hand.

I see good progress in development of positive relationships between different members of the class. They can play in a group and they learnt how to develop sense of belongingness and they also learnt how to wait for their turn as well as how to share their feelings and ideas.

In June, our topic will be “Authors – stories”.
Warm Regards,
Miss Annie, Miss Anne, Miss Haritha and Miss Emily