Mother’s Day at Learning Ladder Nursery

Dear Parents,

A very warm welcome to Term 3! Another exciting term has gone by and we are fast approaching the end of the year.  We hope that everybody had a relaxing and wonderful break.

We would like to thank all the parents and staff for help us arrange so many exciting and fun opportunities for the children to learn. In February, we had our wonderful trip to Barsha Pond Park and then the colourful International Day with costumes and food from all over the world.

We started off March by launching a much awaited bus service to help facilitate the parents in the school run. Our transport service with a dedicated bus nanny on board caters to not only within JLT but to the neighbouring areas of Dubai Marina, The Gardens/Discovery Gardens, Greens, and Tecom. Please inquire at the nursery for the charges and timings.

On March 6th,2013 Learning Ladder Nursery had a visit from the renowned dentists Drs. Nicols and ASP to educate our children on the importance of dental hygiene from an early age. The children were given a vital demonstration on the use of proper brushing and flossing techniques, the importance of healthy eating, and of brushing at least twice a day. The initiative was to empower our children for a brighter healthier smile in the years to come! The children had a fun and exciting time while learning and you can enjoy the pictures on our face book page.

On March 21st, 2013 we all got together to celebrate the most important person in our lives. “Mother’s Day” was celebrated with children decorating cupcakes for their mommies and making a bouqet of presents for them. We all shared in the love and warmth the children shared with their mothers and as usual there are some lovely mommy-child photographs to enjoy on the Nursery facebook page.

We have numerous special events lined up in Term 3 and have already had a “Bicycle Wash” day in April. We all put our hair up and got out our buckets and sponges to give our tricyles and Leena’s bicycle a good scrub and wash. The children loved splashing around and were extremely proud of their efforts after making the bikes shiny as new.

The important dates to note for April 2013 would be:

  • Eco-day:  In keeping with creating environmental awareness in children from an early age, we will be celebrating eco-day on April 25th and will create a variety of items using recyclable materials. Children are invited to come to school dressed in the earth colours of Blue, Green, or Brown.

A big thank you for all the staff and parents for helping make Term 2 such a wonderful and enriching experience. We would like to assure all new parents who have just joined the nursery that the staff makes all possible effort to help children settle in and we go that extra mile to ensure that each child feels at home here.

Looking forward to an exciting term ahead of us!

Learning Ladder Nursery