Things to Do before Your Child Starts Going To a Nursery in Dubai Marina

How will the first day of kindergarten go, is not easy to predict for any parent. Many children are seen clinging to their mom, while some are seen skipping happily off without even looking back at their parents. The former behaviour is what worries most parents. However, they need to understand that it is very normal for the child to feel anxious at this point as it is big step for them. To make things easier for yourself and your child before the start of their developmental process at a nursery in Dubai Marina, there are several strategies you can make use of.

Have a discussion

A few weeks before the start of kindergarten, discuss what a nursery in Dubai Marina is all about. Show some excitement and enthusiasm as you talk about it and tell your child all about what he or she is going to learn and how much fun it is going to be. Be careful not to overdo things, especially if the child looks uninterested. You can talk about it again after some time.

Practice some time away

It is a good idea to assess how the child deals with separation before the start of kindergarten. You can leave them with a friend or relative for some time, if that has not been done before, and see how they react to being without you but in a supervised and safe environment.

Arrange play dates

You can set up play dates with some other children of their ages to make them more comfortable with the idea of being in a nursery in Dubai Marina with other kids. This might also help them in learning how to make new friends.