Learning Ladder Nurseries JLT – News April 2021

“Development can only take place when children are actively involved, when they are occupied with a high, non-stop degree of concentration, when they are interested, when they give themselves completely, when they use all their mental abilities to invent and make new things and when this gives them a high degree of satisfaction and pleasure.” Ferre Laevers

Dear parents,
It gives Learning Ladder nurseries in JLT  immense pleasure to contribute to the April Newsletter. I would like to thank the wonderful team of teachers who took the initiative to celebrate students learning with the parents throughout term two, and I look forward to working with them in term 3.

It has been a privilege to observe your children taking delight and showing curiosity in their world supported by committed staff who place welfare, wellbeing, and learning at the heart of all interactions.

Please look out for Seesaw posts, you make a difference to your children’s developmental progress, if you write a comment. I encourage you to go to comments under your child’s journal section and use “TAG” protocol, our nursery-wide critique process. It is a very quick formative way to say, “Hey, this is what you did great, and here are your next steps”. Following the “TAG” protocol to write your feedback will enable us to improve our teaching and learning process.
T: Tell us something you really liked.
A: Ask us a thoughtful question.
G: Give us a positive suggestion.

Drop off time: this is a kind request to bring your children to the nursery maximum by 8:30 am every day. Having them arriving late is disruptive to the children’s learning time.

Infection control: COVID-19 is still amidst us, we at LLNP are following a strict infection control policy, it is implemented to ensure that your children and our staff remain healthy. If your child is sick, having fever, a runny nose, diarrhea or any other sickness, we kindly ask you to keep them home. Children who are asked to be collected due to a raised body temperature must remain out of the nursery for 24 hours since the fever subsided.

Save the Date:
Wednesday, May 5, 2021, Construction Dress Up Day
Sunday, May 9, 2021, Funny Socks Day
Wednesday or Thursday, May 12-13, 2021, Eid Al Fitr ( to be confirmed by the government)
Monday, May 24, 2021, Character/ Fairy Tale/Super Heroes Day
Salam Zabalawi


Dolphins News
April was an eventful month with numerous activities, let’s check it out!

April is the month for balmy weather and good cheer! The children can still enjoy a bit of outdoor play before the hot Dubai sun renders them indoors. It is fun to see how much the children have grown over the past few months. We hope that they are having a good time and learning in the bargain. The month was dotted with special events. The Pajama day was a roaring success. The children danced, had popcorn, watched a movie; all while being cuddled up with their favorite soft toy. Earth Day brought home the importance of caring for our Earth and the children pledged to save water and switch off lights whenever possible. The Crazy Hair Day was another fun-filled event where the children literally let their hair down and rolled in fun and laughter.

Our investigative theme of the month was transportation. Children can confidently identify old and new modes of transport, classify air, water, and land transport and sort fast and slow modes of transport. STEM projects involved exploring ramps and building boats. The highlight of the project was to check if the boat would sink or float with people in it. The children are progressing satisfactorily in literacy activities. They read well and can write simple sentences too. The story of the month was ‘The Little Blue Truck’. The simple story The simple story underpinned the importance of kind words and friendship. The children have learned to read the time by the hour. They have also learned to spell numbers through various hands-on activities. The skill of the month was ‘subitizing’. This involved looking at a set and instantly recognizing ‘how much?’ Subitizing is an important early years skill that strengthens estimation and other areas of later Math work. Stories, music, and dance continue to be a regular part of our curriculum.

The theme for May will be ‘People who help us’. Thank you once again for your continuous support and encouragement.
Miss Vibha


Rainbowfish A News 

Welcome back children and parents!
Well, Learning Ladder Nurseries made it to April, with exciting and fun-filled events and activities. This month was the welcome back month of term 3, we accomplished several events that helped children to enhance their knowledge and enjoy their learning time at LLNP. Our month was marked with fun events, starting with Pajama Day where every child and his/her favorite soft toy enjoyed a movie and popcorn time. Crazy Hair Day was a fun and eventful experience, especially for the children as they enjoyed it with their classmates. Earth day was the day where we raised awareness of mother nature. The children learned how to care for and appreciate nature.
The children started their learning journey with the ‘Transportation’. They confidently can point out types of transportation water, land, and air. they were excited to create transportation using various resources. The children shared their experience of traveling in several vehicles by connecting their real-life experiences.

In literacy, children were encouraged to improve their writing skills through writing activities. Children enhanced their skills in matching the initial object sound. our story of the month was ‘The Red big bus which enhanced our theme focusing on land transport.
In math, children recapped with all numbers, and shaper were learned. They continued their number formation practice showing their remarkable counting skills development. physical development was targeting balancing the ball to develop their gross motor skills.
Month of May topics are ‘Road safety, landmarks’ and ‘community helpers’.
Miss Rechel & Miss Shema


Rainbowfish B News

Dear Parents,
All the Thursdays were festive last month. Pajamas Day, Crazy Hair Day, Earth Day were all enjoyed by the children. All these would not have been possible without your input parents. Thank you!
Rainbowfish B children did a lot of play based work this month.
Literacy: Letter recognition, naming, sounding, matching upper and lower case, matching beginning of letters c, e and d.
Math: We acquired knowledge of numbers 9-11 through fine and gross motors activities. We continued our journey with 2D shapes and children have enhanced their creative thinking by using shapes to create objects around them.
Understanding the World: We had fun exploring the various mode of transports: Land, water and air, through sensory activities and through discussions to enable children masters the topic.
Physical Development: We had both active play and adult -led activities to strengthen children’s gross motor skills and coordination.
Next month’s theme will be “Community Helpers”.
Kind regards,
Ms. Beatrice & Ms. Noime.


Starfish  A news
Starfish A News
Our little ones have had a busy April with all the special events. Pajama day, Earth day and crazy hair day were all enjoyed by the children. I hope you enjoyed seeing the photos on seesaw. It is never too early to teach our young to protect and appreciate the environment. We talked about trees and animals, oceans and mountains and what they give to us and how we can help keep them protected.

We are very very pleased to see progress in name recognition by all the children in Starfish. All the children can spot their names among a large group of names. Some can even spot other children’s names. Fantastic work Starfish!
Children have also shown great improvement in matching shapes and colors. In number work they are still practicing shape recognition and tracing is helping them with this while developing the right pencil grip.

In social and emotional skills development, we focused on developing the children’s ability to share by reading stories and engaging them in various activities that enhance their understanding of sharing, and taking turns. Free-play takes a good part of the children’s day, providing them opportunities to discover what interests them and what they are good at while staff supported their interacting with other children.

Next month’s topic is “Community Helpers”.
Warm Regards,
Miss Annie, Miss Anne, Miss Emily, Miss Haritha