FS 1 visits PlayTown City Walk May, 2019

At both our nurseries in JLT, outdoor excursions and field trips are a vital part of early years learning and development. Keeping in line with the importance of role play and imagination, we took our Foundation Stage 1 groups the incredible Playtown in City Walk. They had a fanstatic time, builing like Bob the Builder, dancing as Angelina Balerina, exploring the climbing area, and watching a 3D musical show. The bus ride ofcourse is always a fun and exciting part of any trip for our littles ones!

Nurse Appreciation Day 12th May, 2019

May 15th is recognised around the world as Nurse’s Appreciation Day and we at both our  nurseries in JLT took this opportunity to let our wonderful nurses Nurse Chessa and Nurse Anabeth know how much we admire and appreciate the incredible effort and hardwork that they do in order to ensure the health and well being of all the children and staff at Learning Ladder nurseries. Some of the children and staff dressed up as Nurses and presented the two nurses with certficates of appreciation, and flowers. The children also made wonderful cards and participated in appreciating the efforts of these angels who look after us with such care and dedication.

Book Character day 2018


Children had lots of fun at our nursery in Jumeirah Lakes Tower. The children and staff looked fabulous dressed as their favourite book characters. The children brought their favourite story books from home and with the teachers reenacted them. Nursery manager Ms Nazima said: “All the children have their favourite books and it was so interesting listening to them discussing why they liked certain stories and characters.  It’s amazing to think that many of the stories we read had already been enjoyed by generations of children and that they will continue to fire the imaginations of little ones for years to come.” …

Sports day 2018



Sports Day:

The spirit of friendly competition comes alive on Learning ladder nursery in  jlt Sports Day.  The children participate in a wide range of sports events, cheer on their teammates and learn valuable lessons in sportsmanship.  Everyone’s a winner at LLN with children guaranteed to win at least a couple of medals for their efforts.

Sports Day is held early in the calendar year when the weather is cool. Children are grouped together and participate in a variety of individual and team sports events. The Parents are encouraged to join as well.

Events chosen are fun, safe and easy to participate in.  Typical events are relays, ball skill games, balancing, water transfers, teamwork games, obstacle course and parents race.


Everybody has fun;
Children learn about the extra enjoyment that competition can bring to a game;
Children build positive associations with outdoor games and competition;
They also build various gross motor skills in preparation for and on the Sports Day itself;
The children also experience feelings of team spirit and understand the value of supporting and appreciating the skills of their peers;
It’s also a way to get parents more involved in the school activities.

Pink and Red Day

       Pink and Red Day Photo      



Learning Ladder Nursery has been awash with pinks and reds as the children celebrate love and friendship in time for Valentine’s Day.

The scent of freshly baked goods made everybody hungry ,with children participating in decorating  the Valentine’s goodies for their mummies and daddies, as well as making them themed cards.

Nursery Manager Ms Nazima at cluster V JLT said: “The promotion of friendship is something that we encourage throughout a child’s journey with us at Learning Ladder Nursery in  JLT, Dubai. Valentine’s celebrations are an ideal opportunity to explore the importance of friendship further, in a meaningful way. We know parents value the lovely handcrafted cards created for them.”

Nursery Activities News March 2018

Children at both the nurseries in jlt cluster V and Q,  will be introduced to our new topics ‘All Around the World’, and ‘ Healthy living’. They will be learning about the countries that they come from, its food, culture and language along with doing some simple yoga exercises which help us stay fit!  Children will be making flags, listen to traditional music in different languages.  This will encourage awareness of cultural differences and they will learn to celebrate diversity. They will be also be talking about different fruits and vegetables, learning about their colours and shapes.

Mathematics: Children in FS classes will learn to add single digit numbers, to learn about more or less comparing 2 sets. They will be using counters to match numbers to quantity. Toddler will learn counting , matching numbers, and learn to say numbers up to 10 in order.

Letters and Sounds: New letters of the week are introduced and children will be learning the environmental sounds. The children will be learning to identify and name objects beginning with these sounds.  FS classes will use letter sacks with these letters, and children find objects that go with these sounds.  Toddler classes will be playing guessing game after listening to a particular sound from sound lotto.

Positive Education: The children will learn how to respect and appreciate people whose culture is different. ’The Ugly duckling’ will talk about how we don’t tease or make fun of anyone, and respect those who look different from us. While through‘ The bear who shared’ the children will learn the importance to share and take turns while playing.

Dates for the diary – Start preparing for the International day at  our nurseries in JLT,

Book Character day


growingOn 12th of May we celebrated Book Character Day at the nursery in cluster V, JLT, where the children all dressed as their favorite book characters and brought their favorite book to read in class.

We had lots of beautiful princesses, a ladybird, a few firemen, Little Red Riding Hood, two Mr Men, two frogs and much much more! We held a ‘Character parade’ outside the nursery to show our costumes, residents of JLT.

So much effort made by our lovely parents meant that our children had a fantastic day!

To view more pictures, please click the link below to our Facebook photo album:

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Fire Station Visit 2016

fire station visit at the nursery iin jlt

At learning Ladder Nursery JLT cluster V, our April theme is ‘Transport’ and as part of this topic we took our children to Al Manara Fire Station on a field trip. The children learnt about a lot of other modes of transport along the way. They traveled all together with their friends and teachers in an RTA mini bus, they drove along Sheikh Zayed Road pointing out the Metro, cars, buses, motorbikes and taxis on route to the Fire Station.

We were met by the chief of the fire station who showed us around their fire engines, let the children have a turn sitting on the truck, trying on the firemen’s helmets and even using the fireman’s hose! They met the Al Manara fire man character who came out to shake each of their hands, which the children all loved. We then went into the Fire Station cinema room to watch some cartoons about Fire Safety at home. We had snack time at the Fire Station amongst the firemen before returning on the bus, singing songs and pointing out what other forms of transport we could see!