Diwali celebration at Learning Ladder Nurseries JLT

At Learning Ladder Nurseries in JLT, we show respect for diversity by celebrating the differences. We encourage families to participate in cultural activities and programs, it strengthens children’s self-identity and promotes an inclusive practice in the nursery. Cultural diversity in our setting provides a range of opportunities for children and families to celebrate differences. It’s one aspect of diversity, which also embraces differences in gender, disabilities, age, social, and economic backgrounds.

Summer camp 2019


Learning Ladder Nursery Summer camp 2019

If you are not going away for the holidays, join in and have fun. Summer camp will start on Sunday 30thJune and will run for 8 weeks until 22nd of August 2019. The summer camp programme will offer themed weeks of activity for your child.

Dates for your diary summer camp: Sunday 30th June 2019 to 22nd August 2019

Nurse’s News July 2019

Nurse’s News

Teach your children to drink more water

Summer is here and children can get quickly dehydrated. By the time your child’s tells you they are thirsty they are slightly dehydrated … give children sips of water after regular intervals.

Teach your children to eat healthy food

Fruits and vegetables should be part of every child’s meal.


They are the foundation of a healthy diet. They are low in calories and dense in nutrients. Encourage your child to eat homemade food. Remember to teach your children to eat right.

Graduation day at the nurseries in JLT, Dubai

Graduation day at the nurseries in JLT, Dubai

Congratulations to all the Foundation children who have graduated. ‘Sharing a Shell’ was not only an incredible musical performance by the children, it was a performance that highlighted the Education in Human Values programme introduced this Academic year at the Nursery. The value of Peace, Love and Friendship was clearly delivered to the audience who were mesmerised by the way the children acted their parts, the dramatic skill, the beautiful vocal abilities definitely deserved every single round of applause.



Father’s Day at our nurseries in JLT, Dubai

Father’s Day at our nurseries in JLT, Dubai

Father’s day was an incredible opportunity for Dad and children to play together. Mobile phones were switched off. Making a cup a tea, decorating a tie, or making a dad’s face collage was great fun. To roll and create castles and cages to capture their princes and little princes, helicopter rides, bowling pins had most dads occupied. Thank you for making the day so special and the time you all took from your busy schedules.



Learning ladder nursery in JLT – Splash Day 2019

Splash Day

Summer is the perfect time to explore, and there’s nothing more fun than spending time in water. No matter if it’s in the ocean, lake, creek, community pool, or tub in the backyard, playing in the water help children grow and develop in essential ways. Though it might look like your child is just splashing around, water play can help improve children’s balance and strength. Playing in water is like playing in a brand new playground where even the simplest activities, like clapping your hands or jumping, are a whole new sensory experience. Children can experiment without worrying about falling or crashing into hard surfaces. Water also adds resistance so water play activities work as strength training. It takes more muscle strength to move arms and legs through water then it does through air. Water play allows children to explore and interact with each other. New experiences and discovering new things within shared spaces offer a great opportunity for social development. As children play, they will be excited to communicate their discoveries to everyone around them. This is a confidence booster for kids! Because water play typically occurs in a limited space with few supplies, children practice sharing with each other and working together while engaging in play. There are many opportunities for communication development and social growth during water play!



Sensory Morning Activity


This term, we invited Toddler class parents to join us for the Sensory Activity Morning.

A variety of textures and colours were set out for the children to touch, feel and play with, including, sago balls, jellies, coloured spaghetti, foam, sand, coloured rice and many more.

Parents and staff of the nursery in JLT Dubai, got involved and of course, very enjoyable messy morning.