“This is simply one of the best nurseries I have seen in Dubai. We are amazed by how much she has learned during these few days at the Summer Camp.”
Ahmed, father of Mariam Maged
“This is my second time to deal with your nursery and as usual, I’m so happy with everything. The staff takes care of everything. My daughter also enjoys the summer camp activities a lot. Thank you so much!”
Diana, mother of Mariam Yahia Eissa
“This is the first nursery that I have enrolled my daughter at and I’m super happy with all the staff and their activities. The summer camp is really fun here and my baby is super happy and occupied for the summer”
Nazanin, mother of Raeeka Rafaty
“Dear Learning Ladder Nursery, being friendly, clean and ever patient with the children is obvious and appreciated. Jamal is always asking about the nursery and can’t wait to go back. He likes the teachers, kids and activities. Coming home daily with news and excitement is a clear success. Thank you for keeping him safe and happy.”
Fadi Alaeddin, Father of Jamal & Kareem
“Dear all, it’s a pleasure to write and comment on your amazing nursery. After viewing many nurseries – Learning Ladder was head and shoulders above all others. We were greeted with large genuine smiles and had such a warm feel from the staff and the clean, bright surroundings. Keep up the great work!”
Amy & James – Parents of Matthew Want
“Thank you for being a big part of Bedra’s life. You allow her to discover and try a lot of new thins. A big thank you for everyone at Learning Ladder nursery for being so helpful, supportive and creative.”
Safi – Mother of Bedra Al Shammary
“Yusuf was only two when he started. From then until now he is different, happy and a talkative child. As for the staff at the nursery, always welcoming, helpful and answer any question with a smile. Definitely a great choice and I am so glad I kept him here for FS1. Very highly recommended!” 
Nasreen – Mother of Yusuf Dada
“Learning Ladder Nursery was an excellent choice. Sam was only 1 year old when he joined the nursery and was so comfortable from day one. All the staff are so diligent and I can rest easy at work knowing Sam has the best day care.”
Lucy – Mother of Sam Mairs
Dear Learning Ladder Nursery,
Thanks a lot for all your help and support over the past 2 years during Ayaan’s time at the nursery in JLT cluster V Dubai.  Due to the efforts of the team at Learning Ladder, my liltle one has blossomed into a confident and cheeky three year old who is well prepared and equipped for school. You have all provided Ayaan with a stable,safe and fun environment to express himself at all times that made him eager to come nursery each day. For that I am incredibly grateful. We will  miss you all tremendously.  
Purbi – Ayaan’s mother
Learning Ladder Nursery in Jumeirah lakes towers has changed my child 180 degrees. When he was enrolled at the beginning of Term 3, he was just another shy kid who just wanders around aiming at nothing. Now, I can see a major change in his personality; he is interacting with everyone, and has started talking a lot more. He is not a shy kid anymore. A major change and progress only in one month. Thank you Learning Ladder. And a big thank you to Ms. Nadine. We really appreciate the effort.
Nancy-Yassine’s Mother – Residents of Jumeirah Lakes Towers (JLT)
Learning Ladder Nursery is really a great place for my daughter Abeeha. I really like the way they provide care for the children. They are always free to talk if we have any questions. I hope my daughter gets a good learning experience from Learning Ladder.
Taskin-Abeeha’s Mother – Residents of Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT)
Thank you for all the care, love, kindness and support. A special thanks to all the staff at the nursery for being wonderful and caring. I know that my little angel Adam is in very safe hands.
Adam George’s Mother – Residents of Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT)
Friendly Staff! Great communication over the past 3-6 months. The special events organized for the children by Learning Ladder nursery are always interesting and engaging. Timing should be extended till 6 pm to allow working parents to allow parents enough time to pick up the kids in traffic heavy dubai.
Shreyas – Aum’s Father – Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR)
What can I say? Great Staff, Great Atmosphere, Great Place! Thank you for doing a wonderful job.
James & Lia – Jasmin’s parents – Residents of Tecom
Learning Ladder Nursery is an amazing experience for Leena. Her teacher is very loving and has made Leena feel welcome in a short time. Wish you guys the best of luck!
Maria Athar-Leena’s mother – Residents of Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT)
Learning Ladder is an excellent place to leave my son at. The teachers are very nice and they are providing the same level of care that we give at home. Nice place for them to play and learn and it is very clean. Very happy that I chose Learning Ladder to be a second home for my son Rafe. Just keep it up guys!
Narmin-Rafe’s mother – Residents of Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT)
A little gem of a nursery in Dubai Marina! Great energy, lovely and helpful staff! The children are so well cared in this beautiful and clean place. Thank You!
Deema Sihweil-Olivia’s mother – Residents of Dubai Marina
When your son lets your hand go to stay with his teacher and play with his friends, then we as parents know that our child is being cared and is having fun. Please keep up this warm and joyful job. Thanks!
Tanile-Arthur’s mother – Residents of Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT)
Lovely, clean, and very nice and comfy! My son Adam loves it and we are so glad that we chose Learning Ladder Nursery for him.
Gina-Adam Wehbi’s mother – Residents of Jumeirah Village Triangle
Amazing nursery with great staff! I like the setup and the way they take care of the kids. My son Hamodi has developed a lot of good manners and skills here.
Ziad-Hamodi’s Father – Residents of Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT)
This is the first time that I have enrolled my daughter into a nursery and I am amazed to see the transformation in her in a matter of only a few months. She herself has had a delightful experience all through her stay. The activities conducted in class have tremendously help in honing her skills and has made her more bold and confident. To add to this pleasurable experience, she has also made quite a few friends and has learnt socializing as well. The warm welcome which we receive as parents every morning is commendable. The teachers take pride in developing a special relationship with the children and they are well aware of every child’s individual needs. I have no hesitation in recommending Learning Ladder to my friends and give a big Thumbs Up to my daughter’s first institution!
Farhat – Wiam’s Mother – Residents of Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT)
Learning Ladder Nursery is the best place for kids in Jumeirah Lake Towers, Dubai. My son Yahya loves it a lot and every morning he happily takes his bag for nice new day of learning and fun. The nursery has very highly qualified teachers and staff and they are always happy, friendly, kind, and very helpful. I am very thankful to Ms. Caryn and all the support staff for providing a lovely atmosphere of calmness and kindness in her classroom at all times. She knows each child’s strengths and individual needs very well. Learning Ladder Nursery is very special and we love the smiles from all the staff when we pick and drop our son. Thank you Learning Ladder Nursery!
Wafa-Yahya’s mother – Residents of Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT)
I love the nursery. Jovial and smiling staff. Great attention to details. Both my little son and I are comfortable and happy. Thank you all for the care and attention, much appreciated. Keep up the good job!
Nadine-Karl’s mother – Residents of Jumeirah Islands
I am very happy about putting my son Ronnie in Learning Ladder Nursery because he feels so comfortable there. It’s a really nice clean place for kids where they will find love, care, and friendship.
Ronnie’s mother – Residents of Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT)
Love the adorable and comfortable “Mini Patshala”(Little School)…and so does my little one Ayaan…He is always happy to come here every bright morning…
Purbi-Ayaan’s mother – Residents of The Greens
Small, lovely nursery nursery near The Gardens, with friendly staff! Fewer kids per class has really helped my daughter Julia settle well into the nursery routine.
Katrina-Julia’s mother – Residents of The Gardens
When my family and I moved in Dubai, I was really worried about my little one Matilde. She is funny and always able to make new friends but only in Italy, with Italian speaking children! My first worry was to find a place where she could stay well, although all people spoke another language. A colorful place, nice, rich of events to involve the children all together; a place with caring teachers and helpers, a place where Matilde would go every day happily. And I’ve found it! Matilde has immediately loved Learning Ladder Nursery,even before we signed up. Every day she looked at the children through the holes in the blue fenced area. She loves to hang out with people and children and she likes to stay outside, then we appreciate a lot the outdoor space, a plus that no other nursery nearby has! So, now, after only 2 and a half months, Matilde goes every day to the school absolutely happily and my husband and I are very satisfied about it and about the numerous programs and the activities organized by nursery (including health care). A great big thank you to all of you for the effort to make easy the interaction between kids from all over the world. You are really good at this!
Gaia and Maurizio – Matilde’s parents Residents of Jumeirah Lake Towers (JLT)
We just moved to Dubai and in Learning Ladder Nursery we have found the perfect, safe, friendly, and fun environment for our 3 year old Roan!
Muriel-Roan’s mother – Residents of Jumeirah Village Circle
Learning Ladder Nursery, well what can I say? It has been an amazing year working and doing business with you all. I am blessed that Hamza has attended this nursery and thankful for all the support, help and love that you have given my son. I am sure he will miss you all so much and that you will always have a special place in both our hearts. Good luck with running this wonderful nursery for many more years to come insha Allah and keep up the amazing work. Love Hamza and Marzi
Marzi-Hamza’s mother – Residents of The Greens, Dubai