Summer Term News 2019

Summer Term Newsletter

This newsletter is a closure to yet another brilliant year at Learning Ladder Nursery JLT. It has been wonderful watching the children develop new skills and grow in confidence and see how much the children have learnt through play and exploration. The Education in Human values programme has enabled the staff to develop an environment conducive to learning, honing on the skills like sharing, caring, and turn taking. Ramadan Fridge was a great hit as children were very happy to share food and develop a thought of caring for people around.

A big thank you to the team at the Nursery for all their efforts and making this Academic year such a huge success.

A special congratulations to our Foundation children who have successfully completed Foundation Stage One. Good luck to them in their new big School. I am sure they all will be outstanding. The children and staff put on a spectacular musical performance for their graduation. ‘Sharing a Shell’.

Learning Ladder Nursery JLT initiative to interact and involve parents as partners saw more memorable moments. The Assembly of pre FS  class, the most talked about was our Graduation ceremony of our FS1 Class children, The splash day and Fathers Play Date at Learning Ladder Nursery in JLT to name a few of the successful events this Summer Term.

We wish you a happy and safe summer. To our returning families, we look forward to welcoming you back in September for another great promising year. The children have grown so much over this last term. During assembly time it has been great to see how well their language has and is developing. The children have explored their imaginations through rhymes and stories and participated in a variety of activities.

The children have enjoyed role playing activities this term.

Nursery Activities News March 2018

Children at both the nurseries in jlt cluster V and Q,  will be introduced to our new topics ‘All Around the World’, and ‘ Healthy living’. They will be learning about the countries that they come from, its food, culture and language along with doing some simple yoga exercises which help us stay fit!  Children will be making flags, listen to traditional music in different languages.  This will encourage awareness of cultural differences and they will learn to celebrate diversity. They will be also be talking about different fruits and vegetables, learning about their colours and shapes.

Mathematics: Children in FS classes will learn to add single digit numbers, to learn about more or less comparing 2 sets. They will be using counters to match numbers to quantity. Toddler will learn counting , matching numbers, and learn to say numbers up to 10 in order.

Letters and Sounds: New letters of the week are introduced and children will be learning the environmental sounds. The children will be learning to identify and name objects beginning with these sounds.  FS classes will use letter sacks with these letters, and children find objects that go with these sounds.  Toddler classes will be playing guessing game after listening to a particular sound from sound lotto.

Positive Education: The children will learn how to respect and appreciate people whose culture is different. ’The Ugly duckling’ will talk about how we don’t tease or make fun of anyone, and respect those who look different from us. While through‘ The bear who shared’ the children will learn the importance to share and take turns while playing.

Dates for the diary – Start preparing for the International day at  our nurseries in JLT,